Parts Express Part Numbers (prices may change)


Part Number
100 pack #6 1.5" screws
for enclosure construction (not speaker mounting!)
100 pack #6 1" screws
for speaker mounting
10" waffle grill
other sizes available
(4) plastic clamps for waffle grill
use for all sizes of waffle grills
10" 2 piece mesh grill
cleaner install, no clamps required
speaker sealing caulk
for speakers without gaskets
50 piece female spade terminals, 0.25"
insulated female spade terminals to avoid soldering wires
black strap handle
for removable subwoofer installations
2 7/8" black port tube
black port tube instead of white PVC pipe
round speaker terminal
cheapest terminal available
gold high power terminal
nice gold plated terminal cup for high power and high end installations
100 Hz low pass filter for 4 ohm subwoofers
for systems without a electronic crossovers
50 ft, 16 gauge speaker wire
other sizes and lengths are available
dark charcoal enclosure carpet, 54" wide (/yard)
cheapest and available in medium gray and black
navy blue enclosure carpet, 40" wide (/yard)
six colors available
3M Super 77 spray glue for carpeting
consumer grade spray in a can