Buying Car Audio on the Internet


Probably one of the least popular things a car audio salesman or shop owner hears everyday is "but I can buy this cheaper online". This is probably true from a price point. You can almost always buy equipment cheaper on the Internet than you can in a retail store. The store's employees know this and they know that you know this. So now comes the fun task of trying to explain all of the reasons you should spend more money for the same equipment. Sometimes the arguments are valid and sometimes they're not. So as an unbiased source (not selling car audio equipment to you) let me give some of the reasons you would want to spend more for the same product.


Reasons to Buy Car Audio in a Retail Store

Rather than tell you what I think are the most important reasons I'll just list them and let you determine what's important to you.

Reasons NOT to Buy Car Audio in a Retail Store

These reasons are either invalid or ones that really don't benefit you (though shops like to use them).


Reasons to Buy Car Audio on the Internet

Reasons NOT to Buy Car Audio on the Internet

Bottom Line

There are valid reasons for buying retail and for buying online. Weigh the pros and cons of each and decide which is the best source for your needs. And if you have some other major reasons that you think should be added feel free to send them in.

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