Which Company Should You Buy From


I got an email recently from a subscriber asking for enclosure advice on a specific woofer. Here was my reply:


"On all of your subwoofer enclosure questions I am going to refer you to (company name withheld) directly. They know their woofers much better than I do and may even know a configuration that will work better for you. Building boxes really is a science and I've learned to consult the manufacturer whenever possible. Especially for top design companies like Rockford, Kicker, JL Audio, MTX, etc. These are companies that actually know what they're doing and have tested almost every scenario you can think of and some you haven't. Definitely contact them with your ideas and see if they think it will fly and how to go about it. They might tell you it's a terrible idea for reasons X, Y and Z but that if you do A, B and C you'll have bass for days."


And here is the reply I got back:

"OK first of all, when I emailed (company name withheld), they told me they didn't have the port information. And didn't even tell me anything based on the system that I described to him. Basically I described the system, told him the limitations, asked him port size, and for other information. He emailed me back and said that he doesn't have the port information."

Here was my second piece of advice:


"I would get on the phone and talk to somebody who will help you out. Otherwise I'd go with a different brand of woofer. (company name withheld) is not the end all be all of woofers. Make sure you let them know that if they won't support their customers you'll find a company that will."


Which brings me to the real point of this article. Before you sink your hard earned money into somebody's equipment, test their customer support. Email or call them and tell that what equipment you're looking at. Ask them what kind of enclosure you can use for X woofer or if Y amplifier will power your system effectively. This not only applies to the manufacturer but also to the place you intend to buy your equipment. If they won't be helpful before the sale then you can imagine what their support will be like after they have your money. I play by the three strikes rule. Even the best companies have poor employees so if you don't talk to someone helpful by the third try - they're out. Never forget that you hold the purse strings so you call the shots. No one can force you to buy equipment from them. Don't reward companies that provide poor service. Demand better.

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